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Surviving Sarcoma Cancer Through Faith, Love and Writing With Nicole Body

Nicole Body – WE Have Cancer

Nicole Body has been surviving cancer through faith, love and passion for writing. A Stage 3 sarcoma survivor, Nicole chronicled her cancer experience through her blog; sparklysurvivor.com.

During our conversation we discussed:

  • How she came to be diagnosed
  • The importance of exercise and the role it plays in her cancer recovery
  • Why presence and not taking things for granted is incredibly important to her
  • Why she chose to leave social media during her treatment and focus on writing
  • The important role her husband, Wes, has played in her life and her cancer experience
  • The crucial role her faith plays in her life and in her recovery
  • How she handles friends and family who “don’t know what to say” when it comes to cancer
  •  The poor relationship she had with food and how she overcame it and became more focused on nutrition

Connect with Nicole

Her blog – https://sparklysurvivor.com/

On Instagramhttps://instagram.com/sparklysurvivor

On Twitterhttps://twitter.com/sparklysurvivor

On Pinteresthttps://pinterest.com/sparklysurvivor

On Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SparklySurvivor/

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