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The "WE" Behind WE Have Cancer

In 2015 Lee launched this podcast as a way to provide information, inspiration and hope to those affected by cancer.


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Latest Podcast Episodes

Living Life With a Hereditary Colon Cancer Syndrome, with Travis Bray, PhD.

By Lee Silverstein | 04/14/2015

Like his grandfather and father before him, Travis Bray was born with F.A.P. – Familial Adenomatous Polyposis – “a rare, hereditary colon cancer syndrome that causes extra tissue (polyps) to form in the large intestine and in the upper part of your small intestine (duodenum).” The vast majority of people with F.A.P. will be stricken…

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“It’s Not Harder Than Cancer” – With Author, Michael Holtz

By Lee Silverstein | 04/03/2015

Michael Holtz is a stage 3 colon cancer survivor and author of the new book, It’s Not Harder Than Cancer. During our conversation, Michael talks about his career with the American Cancer Society, and how his personal experience with colon cancer, compelled him to make a career change and leave the American Cancer Society. Disagreeing with those…

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Living Life With a Colostomy, With Tony Pace

By Lee Silverstein | 03/27/2015

Stage 4 Colon Cancer survivor, Tony Pace, made a life-changing and brave decision after completing a very difficult journey through his treatment. After bladder reconstruction surgery, a partial colectomy, a partial hepatectomy, followed by chemotherapy, he made the decision to have a permanent colostomy. During his quarterly colonoscopies, his doctor would remove between 6 –…

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Mission: Trip to L.A.

Jaylan is an 11 year old from Houston, TX. He has a passion for making people smile and laugh. He’s always trying to make light of every situation. Jaylan’s journey started when he began to have stomach pains out of nowhere and Jaylan and his mom has no clue why he’s having them.

His mom brought him to the emergency room and the doctor told them that he was just constipated. They visited the ER 4 times before the doctors realized his blood count was off and he was anemic. They ordered a colonoscopy and he was diagnosed with Crohn’s. A week later after the biopsy result came back, he was then diagnosed with Colon Stage 4 cancer instead of Crohn’s.

Our mission is to raise $10,000 in the month of February to cover the costs of Jaylan’s dream to send him and his family on a trip in LA.

Click here to help Jaylan's dream come true.

Most Recent Blog Posts

Don't Stop Believin'; The Story of Arnel Pineda

November 14, 2020

Arnel Pineda grew up in an impoverished neighborhood in Manilla in the Philippines. His mother died when he was 13 leaving him homeless. He earned money for food by collecting bottles, cans and newspapers and selling them to recyclers. Despite living in poverty Arnel had a gift; he could sing. Putting his gift to work…

The Healing Power of Music

October 29, 2020

I miss my mom, I miss my dad I miss the road, I miss my band Givin' hugs and shakin' hands It's a mystery, I suppose Just how long this thing goes But there'll be crowds and there'll be shows And there will be a light after dark Someday when we aren't six feet apart…

WE Have Cancer - Keep Going Image

Keep F*****g Going

September 19, 2020

After 5 years and +170 episodes of podcasting about cancer I was tired. Tired of listening and talking about cancer while dealing with my own (I've lost count how many) recurrence earlier this year. Creating each show was like the old “time to make the donuts” commercial. And then, a few weeks ago I broke…

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