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The "WE" Behind WE Have Cancer

In 2015 Lee launched this podcast as a way to provide information, inspiration and hope to those affected by cancer.


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Latest Podcast Episodes

You’re Never Too Young for Colon Cancer, with Dawn Eicher

By Lee Silverstein | 03/21/2015

For years, Dawn Eicher was told by doctors, despite obvious symptoms,  that she was too young to have colon cancer. While pregnant with her 2nd child, her symptoms worsened. Her doctors told her it was pregnancy related, gave her suppositories, and sent her home. It took 10 more months before she would finally receive a…

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Raising Awareness About Colon Cancer in a Most Unique Way, With Ben DeHan and Dustin Brians

By Lee Silverstein | 03/18/2015

Ben Dehan and Dustin Brians are two good friends that were searching for a way to make a positive impact in the colon cancer community. They wanted to bring more visibility to the cancer, that in their words, is “the cancer no one wants to talk about.” Their project, the Buttfolio, will certainly get people talking!…

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Taking Charge of Your Colon Cancer Treatment, With Sue Kidera

By Lee Silverstein | 03/13/2015

This quote from stage 4 colon cancer survivor, Sue Kidera, beautifully describes her ongoing battle with colon cancer. Through multiple surgeries, chemotherapy treatments, Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (S.B.R.T.), and currently the TAS-102 clinical trial, Sue continues her courageous battle to beat this disease. Listen to our conversation and learn how Sue has taken the lead role…

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"I appreciate you and every one of your guests for giving me and everyone else out there in need of support, some guidance and insight into your lives.  You are doing such a good thing for people.  I am only a few episodes in, and already I feel so much more confident about how to talk, how to listen, how to encourage, and how to have hope. "

Jill B.

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