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HPV In Men: Breaking The Stigma And Bringing Awareness, With Jason Mendelsohn


On this week’s episode of WE Have Cancer, Lee sits down with Jason Mendelsohn, a Stage-4 tonsil cancer survivor and HPV advocate. Jason shares his story about being diagnosed with HPV-related cancer and his journey to becoming a well-known advocate for the HPV vaccine and awareness of HPV in men. The pair talk about the stigma…

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Don't Stop Believin'; The Story of Arnel Pineda

By Lee Silverstein | 11/14/2020

Arnel Pineda grew up in an impoverished neighborhood in Manilla in the Philippines. His mother died when he was 13 leaving him homeless. He earned money for food by collecting bottles, cans and newspapers and selling them to recyclers. Despite living in poverty Arnel had a gift; he could sing. Putting his gift to work…