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Understanding the Unseen Needs of Cancer Patients With Sylvie Leotin

Understanding the Unseen Needs of Cancer Patients With Sylvie Leotin

As a breast cancer survivor, Sylvie Leotin understands the the unseen needs of cancer patients. As a former ballerina and computer scientist, Sylvie seeks to integrate the mind, body and heart to live a more meaningful life.

During our conversation we discussed:

  • The importance of mindfullness and meditation and the role it plays in her healing.
  • Why she wakes up in the middle of the night to meditate.
  • How her training as a ballerina helped her to become self-compassionate.
  • Why it's difficult for patients to hear phrases like “congratulations on finishing treatment” and “you beat cancer!”
  • How working in Lean Innovation in Silicon Valley has changed how she looks at cancer treatment centers and how they interact with patients.


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