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The Dana-Farber Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer; Interview With Dr. Kimmie Ng and Pat Beauregard

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute opened the doors to its new Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Center this past week. In anticipation of this exciting news I interviewed Dr. Kimmie Ng, Founding Director, and young-onset survivor, Pat Beauregard.

During our interview we discussed:

  • The goals of the Dana-Farber Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer and why it was created.
  • How Pat came to be diagnosed with Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer at the age of 29
  • The challenges in raising awareness around young-onset colorectal cancer and how it often leads to a late-stage diagnosis.
  • The three main areas of focus of the center
  • Where Pat currently is with his treatment

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