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Living An Active Life With An Ostomy; With Colorectal Cancer Survivor Doug Dallmann

Doug Dallmann leads a very active life despite his ostomy. That wasn't always the case; however. When he awoke from his surgery for stage 3 colorectal cancer in 2010 he was devastated to learn he was left with a permanent ostomy. He was “filled with anxiety, depression and uncertainty.”

Adjusting to life as an ostomate took time, but within a few months he achieved his goal of completing a 100-mile century bike ride.

During our interview we covered:

  • Why he wanted to take on the physical challenge of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and the unique challenges doing so with an ostomy.
  • The emotional challenge of accepting his ostomy and how he moved from “denial” to embracing his new life.
  • Navigating the social and dating scene with an ostomy.
  • Why he decided to compete in a body-building competition.
  • What's next for him on his list of adventures.

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