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Grief And Writing, With Guests Shelley Buck And Kathy Curtis

The grieving process can look dramatically different from person to person and situation to situation. For Shelley Buck, it took the form of writing a book with her son Ryder, and her friend Kathy. Shelley opens up about how her son’s cancer diagnosis changed their relationship and even her parenting style, and was a catalyst to share his spirit with the world. Shelley and Kathy talk about writing the book as a way to extend Ryder’s legacy while also using it as an essential part of their grieving process.

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Using Art to Open Conversations About Cancer, With Guest Eileen Powers

While some view their cancer diagnosis as a battle or war as a way to cope, Eileen turned to art. With a loss of her hair and self-identity, Eileen noticed how uncomfortable her friends were with her journey and her cancer. So, she turned a negative into a positive by asking people to make hair-related art for her as a way of more comfortable and opening a dialogue about her diagnosis.

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How Pancreatic Cancer And The Basketball Tournament Combine, With Guest Jordan Griffith Of The Griffith Family Foundation

Joining Lee this week on the WE Have Cancer Podcast is Jordan Griffith of The Griffith Family Foundation. Jordan talks about his father’s pancreatic cancer and how that helped create the Griffith Family Foundation, Sideline Cancer, and a massive basketball tournament.

Jordan discusses the foundation and its impact, both on his family as well as what it’s doing to fight against pancreatic cancer. He also dives into some of the best moments of The Basketball Tournament and what that’s meant for the foundation and its ability to raise awareness and funds.

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