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The "WE" Behind WE Have Cancer

In 2011, just four months after they began dating, Lee was diagnosed with Stage 2 colon cancer. A year and a half later, 17 days after their honeymoon, they learned that Lee’s cancer had spread to his liver; he was now Stage 4. Through numerous surgeries, chemotherapy infusions and assorted other treatments, Linda has been by his side. Despite cancer, Lee and Linda say unequivocally these have been the best years of their lives.

In 2015 Lee launched this podcast as a way to provide information, inspiration and hope to those affected by cancer.

Lee and Linda live in Florida with their Westie Terrier, Fergie.

The WE Have Cancer podcast is supported by The Colon Cancer Coalition -

Lee & Linda Silverstein

Lee & Linda Silverstein


The mission of WE Have Cancer is to provide information, inspiration and hope to those touched by cancer.

When Can I Hear New Episodes?

  • New episodes are published every other Tuesday at midnight PST.
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