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Archive | March, 2018

Honoring Her Husband’s Legacy With Nikki Moore of #LiveMoore

Nikki Moore

Honoring Her Husband’s Legacy With Nikki Moore of #LiveMoore

Matt and Nikki Moore met while they were in college. They fell in love and were married a short time later. In late 2015, while pregnant with their first child, Matt was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer at the age of 32. Before his death, Matt wanted to inspire people to live life to the fullest so he created Live Moore.

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Matt Talks about Live Moore in this video:

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Talking Colon Cancer Screening and Awareness With Dr. Andrew Albert

In this bonus episode Dr. Andrew Albert returns to the show for an informal conversation about colon cancer screening and awareness. He and I talked about embarrassment, stigmas, poop and more. How do we get young people, and their doctors, to recognize their symptoms and understand that there’s no such thing as “too young” for colon cancer? How do we get people in their 40’s to ask their doctor when should they schedule their routine colonoscopy?

If you’d like to share your ideas on how to increase screening rates in those over the age of 50 – 45 in the African American community – and how to raise awareness of symptoms in the college-age community please email Lee at



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Getting Men To Discuss Their Colon Cancer Symptoms, With Paul Shadle

Paul Shadle

Getting Men To Discuss Their Colon Cancer Symptoms, With Paul Shadle

Paul Shadle was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer in 2016 after noticing symptoms on a family vacation. He had dismissed prior feelings of fatigue and chalked it up to getting older. On vacation, he had bloating and cramping in his abdomen, later noticing blood in his stool.

When Paul was diagnosed, the disease had spread to spots on his liver and lungs. Since then, he’s undergone regular sessions of chemotherapy. The spots on his liver have gone away, and the spots on his lungs have shrunk considerably. He’ll continue with the chemo treatments until doctors expect to remove the main tumor.

Paul stumbled upon Fight Colorectal Cancer’s ambassador program shortly after his diagnosis. Last summer, he applied and was selected to participate in the national campaign in New York City.

The campaign encourages individuals to get checked and learn more about the disease.


Paul and I discussed the fact that many men are reticent to share information about their health, particularly potential symptoms of colorectal cancer.

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