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Colon Cancer’s Tattooed Pinup Girl, Tara Principali

Tara Principali

Colon Cancer’s Tattooed Pinup, Tara Principali

Tara (pronounced Tar-uh) Principali was diagnosed with Stage 2 rectal cancer five years ago at the age of 30. Though she once lived an unhealthy lifestyle, weighing as much as 270 lbs., she dedicated herself to fitness and healthy eating prior to her diagnosis and lost 130 lbs. In addition to the rectal cancer diagnosis Tara also learned she had Lynch Syndrome.

After a partial colectomy and temporary ileostomy, Tara was considered in remission. She didn’t undergo any chemotherapy or radiation, since her cancer was caught early. Six months after her ileostomy and j-pouch surgery, Tara’s symptoms returned. She went back to her doctor who ran a series of tests and diagnosed her with Crohn’s Disease.

Tara now has a “new normal.” She eats a healthy diet and is a competitive bodybuilder.

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Leading Grass Roots Advocacy While Dealing With Her Stage IV Diagnosis

Leading Grass Roots Advocacy While Dealing With Her Stage IV Diagnosis

Julienne Edwards was finishing law school, dreaming of her new career. God, as they say, had other plans and at the agee of 26 she was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.

Julienne is the Grass Roots Advocacy Manager for Fight CRC.

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