Rehabbing From Cancer, With 9-Year Survivor Michele Longabaugh

Michele Longabaugh is a 9-year stage 4 cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in 2010 with anal cancer and has far exceeded her 3-year “expiration date,” as she described it.

During our conversation we discussed:

  • The challenging treatment she went through
  • The stigma associated with anal cancer
  • The long term side effects of her treatments and how she’s managing them
  • What she meant when she said “I wish they would have treated me like I was going to survive.”
  • Why she feels like she’s now “living the dream” as a cancer survivor.
  • The fact that many oncologists and surgeons fail to address the impact of cancer on the sexual function of cancer survivors and patients and how she’d like this to change.
  • How she wishes patients would be offered “cancer rehab.”
  • How surviving cancer has changed her.

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