Jack’s Caregiver Coalition – Cancer Support For Men In the Twin Cities

Kyle Woody is the founder of Jack’s Caregiver Coalition, a non-profit organization striving to provide world-class hospitality to men who care cancer caregivers in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area. The mission of Jack’s is to improve the way men think, feel and act in their role as cancer caregivers.

During our conversation we discussed:

  • The unique needs that men have when serving as caregivers.
  • How Jack’s is an event-based group, providing an alternative to the traditional “sit in a circle” support group. These events have included ax throwing, fishing and hunting outings and golf games.
  • The bonding and deep conversations that naturally happen at these events.
  • The long-term goal to grow to a national organization supporting men who serve as caregivers for those affected by more than cancer, including Alzheimers, A.L.S. and Post-Traumatic Stress.

Links mentioned on the show

Contact Jack’s Caregiver Coalition via email – contactus@jackscaregiverco.org

Call Jack’s Caregiver Coalition – (612) 547-6929

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