Easing the Effects of Colon Cancer Through Yoga, With Jean DiCarlo-Wagner

unnamedJean DiCarlo-Wagner faced Stage IIIC colon cancer in 2003, with her doctors giving her a 50/50 chance for five-year survival. Fortunately, her surgery and chemotherapy were successful, but her journey from diagnosis to recovery was challenging. After a 20-year career as an education resource specialist, her diagnosis and poor prognosis forced her to retire. However, she found a new career in teaching yoga for cancer survivors. Jean and her husband, Chris, have one grown daughter and are active Airbnb.com hosts. They keep busy with an art studio built on their property and rescuing golden retrievers.

Jean DiCarlo Wagner demonstrates her gentle yoga while lying in bed:


Visit Jean’s Website, Yoga Being.net


Watch Jean demonstrate gentle yoga:

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