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“It’s Not Harder Than Cancer” – With Author, Michael Holtz

Michael Holtz

Michael Holtz – “It’s Not Harder Than Cancer”

Michael Holtz is a stage 3 colon cancer survivor and author of the new book, It’s Not Harder Than Cancer. During our conversation, Michael talks about his career with the American Cancer Society, and how his personal experience with colon cancer, compelled him to make a career change and leave the American Cancer Society. Disagreeing with those who call their own experience with cancer, “a gift” (he said it’s a gift he would like to return), he does acknowledge how his experience with the disease has resulted in new friendships, a stronger marriage and a greater focus on gratitude for even the smallest things life has given him.

What I Learned From Michael Holtz

  • You can live a normal life with a colostomy.

    • Michael recently completed a 26.2 mile marathon!

  • Surviving cancer can impact your life in a positive way.

    • Michael has experienced new friendships, new career opportunities and stronger personal relationships since conquering colon cancer.

  • Your friends & family “portrait” after cancer will not look the same as the one before your illness.

    • A common theme; some friends and family will vanish into the shadows during your illness, only to be replaced by people you weren’t expecting to be there for you.

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Michael’s website: Michael Holtz Online

Buy Michael’s Book on “It’s Not Harder Than Cancer”

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